Justo's Gym
"Feels Like Family" - "Changes Your Life Forever"
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About Steve “Justo” Patton

If there is one thing Justo is great at, it’s coaching people and helping them work toward their goals. No matter if you are just starting your fitness journey or on your 5th figure competition, he is there side by side with you. Steve opened Justo’s Gym a little over 6 years ago and has trained hundreds of people of all levels. His enthusiastic and progressive training makes class fun and shows results.

His background in boxing, body-building and nutrition has helped so many people get to where they want to be. He has trained people with Parkinson’s and various disabilities and works with each of their needs while pushing them to progress. His gym is also home to some of Phoenix’s state champion fighters.

Justo accepted the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce New Business award last year after competing against large companies. He continues to coach and help people every single day because that is in his blood.